February 16th, 2012

Update: OBP Newsletter

I think I’m going to start a monthly OBP newsletter type of thing. It will cover the journey of the book, the added pages and any extra issues that need to be addressed. Take this as the 1st edition.

The Book

At the beginning of the month I sent the book from London to Canada, complete with an edited list of who’s in it. Everyone who applied has been allocated a page, and everyone who withdrew their place in the book has been removed from the list and all their details deleted. I tracked the parcel, however I don’t seem to be able to track it inside Canada so I’m unaware of its wareabouts at the moment. I will update you all as soon as it’s arrived at its destination.


I’m hoping to start a radio show on a volunteer only community radio station, but by definition I don’t get a budget to pay for the music I want to play. I have such a passion for music and I really want to listen to as much as possible, and also pay for it because that’s something I believe in. The reason I’m saying this is because to raise money I would like to put some adverts on this page. Considering most people who follow the project follow this tumblr and don’t look at the tumblr directly, I don’t think it would affect the project as a whole. It would just really help me out. I could also put a charity element into it, donate 10% of each month’s earnings to charity? I’m writing about this because I think it’s important that you have input into this. So are you okay with the adverts, yes/no?

  1. irishsaints answered: sure, why not? i’m always up for supporting music. also, if my address has changed, should i inbox you?
  2. chaosandeffect answered: do it.
  3. karenis answered: yes, do it!
  4. will-scc answered: Adverts wouldn’t effect me. I don’t often look at the blog directly, but I’d click them for you if they were there. :)
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