Do I have to be a member of tumblr to participate?
No, just enter your email address in the place it asks where asking a question. This doesn’t sign you up for a tumblr account it will just show me your email so I can contact you.

Do I need to be good at art?
Not at all, all you need is creativity. You don’t need to do a drawing either, you could write something.

Do I have to speak English?
Definitely not.

Do I need to live in America/UK?
No, the more places in the world the journal can reach the better!

Which details should I give you?
Your address and name. All is made clear on the information page. However registration is now closed.

Does submitting my details automatically guarantee me a page?
NO. Submitting your details does NOT guarantee you a place. Chances are if you’re enthusiastic or you were one of the first 96 you’ll get to participate but I can’t guarantee anything. However when I have drawn up the final list I will delete everyone else’s details.

How big is the book?
About A5 size. The pages are thick-ish cartridge paper. A book any larger than this would be very impractical Post and Packaging wise.

Do I have to be over 16?
Again, no you don’t. It’s open to all ages :) But if you are it would be good to check with your parents that you’re allowed to give your details.

Can you give me an idea?
Here is a page of twenty ideas, and hopefully you’ll get inspiration from the rest of the book. But please don’t copy anything or do something if it’s already been done a couple of times.

Won’t it take forever to get to me?
Well if there are 97 people involved, and it takes around a week for 2 people to complete their pieces then it’ll take about a year for the project to be completed. So it could take a year or it could take a month or whatever to get to you, I can’t tell you for certain. 

How does the book get sent around?
It’s like chainmail, person A sends it to person B and person B sends it to C and C to D and so on. So you do have to pay for P&P but there should be someone living quite close to you so it shouldn’t cost much at all. However by signing up you are saying that you’re willing to pay as much it’s going to cost you to send it to your person of choice from the list.

Will each participant be given a list of all other participants?
Nope, you get sent the book by one person and then when you’re finished you can look at the list of all participants at the back and find the person closest to you. 

If all information is kept private, how will we know who we’re sending it to?
The information is kept private within the group of people selected to take part.

How long will each person have the book for?
You MUST send it on within three days (or less) of recieving. That’s one day for the day you get it, one day for making your page and one day for sending it on. If you don’t have time to do your page within this time frame then send the book on, perhaps you’ll get sent it at the end. If you don’t do this then the project will just take too long. If you’re too selfish to do it within this time then don’t participate in the first place as you’ll probably find it hard sending your work away.

I missed registration this time, will there be a One Blank Page 2?
I don’t know. This one will take over a year to complete so I’ll see how it goes. If it’s not too time consuming and it all goes smoothly then yes there probably will be :)

What if I’m an uber famous celebrity person like Barack Obama? Can I give you my fanmail address?
No. Sorry! You have to give your real address as this project will probably take around a year anyway and if it has to wait for weeks at the bottom of your fanmail pile it will just take forever.

What happens when the book’s finished?
I haven’t put too much thought into it (partly because I only came up with the idea very recently, partly because I didn’t know if there would be enough people and finally cause things may have changed a lot in a year) but I have a few ideas. Hopefully people will upload pictures as soon as they’re done, but I’ll upload every page in an online booklet as soon as it’s finished. I’ll also look into displaying it in small art galleries, and finally into publishing if I get the permission of everyone involved :) the proceeds would all go to a charity that everyone’s decided on.